Kelly Queener
New Paintings

Artist Reception
Friday, September 22, 7pm-9pm
Show runs through November 4, 2017

Kelly Queener - Statement

"In these paintings, forms that resemble plant-life, bones, hands and other perceived objects are partnered with otherworldly portals, abstract networks and abrupt brushwork. The images develop out of simple forms and palettes allowed to evolve over time to unlock their own space.

Painting is the seductive yet impossible task of shuttling material (paint) through an individual’s mind. The conscious mind creates and organizes space while the subconscious does its own dirty work. I see it as almost waving a flag or sending up a beacon through the painting: “There is life here”

This is one reason I began adding some recognizable imagery back into the paintings. These worlds, although strange, aren’t so remote. For every action taken, no matter how beautiful or mundane, there are infinite potential images. These images are ready to be culled from any moment or groupings of moments. They represent relationships, whether those relationships are with other people, ourselves, an ideal or the unknown.

Painting stands in defiance of the tyrannical logic of objects as much as it relies on that logic for communication. I want to offer viewers paintings that revel in both the wonder and the absurdity of this task."

Kelly Queener is a recipient of the 2015 Professional VMFA Fellowship.