Mark Pehanich & Dolly Holmes
New Paintings

Opening Reception: Friday, May 18, 7-9pm
Show runs through June 23, 2018

Artist Statement from Dolly Holmes:
Art does not have to be a reaction to the world—it can be a correction. In this charged environment it can provide a place for quiet meditation. Painting is my antidote. The work can be understood experientially. There are references—to early 20th century American abstractionists, mid-century design, microbes, and the human body, to name a few. But those are incidental.

In the studio I become grounded. The verbal dialogue disappears. Each mark on the panel is a response to what went before it. The conversation is in paint, between lines, shapes and colors. It is a search for balance.

Working over a hot skillet brings focus. I build up a thick, textured surface and use a heated tool to dig into it. I paint into the channel I have made and scrape it smooth. A lot of trouble in order to draw a line. By making things difficult for myself I get closer to the truth. I want my paintings to have presence. I know they are finished when they speak without words.

Artist Statement from Mark Pehanich:
As a child I played by myself for hours on end with Lincoln logs and an erector set. I created buildings, environments, and machines that meandered around the room. Abstract painting offers me the freedom to play and create in the same way. My work is based on possibility through unselfconscious drawing and doodling as I improvise without intention. Small ink line sketches—sometimes organic and gestural and other times geometric—are layered, cut up, pasted, combined, and modified in as many ways as I can discover. My goal is to make intriguing pictures with an immediate impact that are unique, feel familiar, and have a life of their own. Compositions arise through extensive experimentation and exhaustive editing. Color, texture, and a variety of materials, such as glass beads, ground tire rubber, and oxidized metal paints breathe life into these finished works. The process is disciplined, but guided entirely by intuition and the joy of creating art.

Both Artists reside in Petersburg, Virginia.